Jul 24, 2020

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Olympics Challenge: Wheelchair Rugby (Virtual)

Today's training will get you ready for: WHEELCHAIR RUGBY! Complete a 5 minute (10 round) Tabata workout of push-ups (modify with knees down, chair assisted, etc). Tabata workouts are high-intensity interval training workouts. Work out hard for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds. Be sure to warm-up first, listen to your body, and modify as needed! Click the check-in button when complete then enter your total push-up count (during the Tabata) using the form below to help your chapter earn a medal! The top three individuals with the most push-ups will earn bonus points for their chapters and swag for themself! This July we’re challenging Eagle Nation to join us in celebrating the competitive spirit of the Olympic Games and Olympians and Paralympians who served in the US military. Though this year’s Summer Games might be postponed, the importance of fitness and goal achievement to an enriched life has not.

Challenge homepage and scoreboard

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Amanda Rondon, [email protected]