Apr 16, 2021

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R.E.D. Friday (Virtual)

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT

REMEMBER EVERYONE DEPLOYED with your workout today! Our international chapter is back, so whether you rock the Eagle and tackle the functional fitness workout provided below, or dedicate your mileage - wear red, sweat it out, and check in to this event so our deployed Eagles know Eagle Nation is thinking of them. Feel free to share your workout details or leave a message of support for them to see! TODAYS RED WORKOUT: 12 MINUTES - AS MANY ROUNDS AS POSSIBLE: 12 (each) Shoulder Taps in Bear Pose // 12 (each) Walking Lunges // 12 Burpees // 12 Prisoner Squat/Up Downs* (Squat, while lowered go to right knee, then left knee, then stand back up = 1) Contact Thea for any modifications!

Thea Jorgensen, [email protected]