Aug 28, 2021

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Saturday Morning Run/ Walk/ Ruck

5:00 AM - 6:00 AM AKDT

4605 Andrews Ave, Fort Rucker, AL 36360

JOIN the Run/Walk/Ruck on Saturday morning! Make sure to wear your Eagle that is appropriate for the weather. Start Point: Fort Rucker Air Assault Track Start Time: 8:00am Pace: Comfortable Finish Point: Start Point (AAT) Finish Time: 0900 (Mile Chasers & Run/Walk/Ruck Group team photo.) ***Please bring water!*** EAGLE STAY HYDRATED! #TeamRWBFtRucker #RWBMileChasers #EagleFire #WeGetVets

COVID-19: Alabama Information Hub

COVID-19: "Stay at Home" Guidelines

Becky Jo Foster, [email protected]