Jan 18, 2019

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Take Flight in 2019 (Virtual)

06:00 AM - Jan 19 12:59 AM EST

Your House, Your City

You rang in the new year. Maybe you even made some resolutions to get stronger or just get moving. After all, it's “new year” everything around here.


Now what?


Creating your best year yet is about ACTION and great achievements are never accomplished alone. From January 10th to 31st, we’re inviting you to link up with your fellow Eagles, either in person or virtually, to soar together into the new year. Ruck, run, ski, mountain bike, or yoga - whatever stokes your #EagleFire. As long as you’re moving, it counts! Check in one day, every day, or anything in between.


Invite a Veteran or service member to join you. Let’s see how high Eagles can fly when we push each other!



Georgina Biehl, georgina.biehl@teamrwb.org

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