May 29, 2021

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The Runners Ranch Luaua Night Relay

3:30 PM - May 28 5:30 PM AKDT

23350 Campbellton Rd, San Antonio, TX 78264

Eagles time to hit the sand without having to go to the beach. IAAP will be hosting The Runners Ranch Luau Night Relay at the famed “Runners Ranch”. The course is a 1.75 mile sandy trail (nothing rocky and no crazy hills) and each member of your 4-person relay team will run 1 lap for a total of 7 miles. Great event for getting to see and meet fellow runners from around SA. Hopefully we can have a few RWB teams or at least lots of Eagles representing on other teams. Check out the link for registration info, post your interest for teams, and come up with some catchy fun (appropriate lol) team names. I will post pictures of the course in the comments. Come for the run.....stay for the luau! 🏝 🍹


Orlando Mclain, [email protected]