Jul 02, 2019

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Tuesday Fitness on Broadway

06:30 PM - 07:30 PM CDT

2809 Broadway, San Antonio, TX 78209

Join us for our some functional fitness at Lions Field on Broadway. Each week will feature a different workout but all of these will ensure a full body workout. One lap around the park is just over half a mile and there will be 6 stops along the loop where we will conduct some type of physical fitness activity (i.e. push-ups, sit-ups, air squats, frog kicks, crunches, side crunches, flutter kicks, jumping jacks etc.).

The plan is to complete 3 to 4 laps around the park within the 1 hour time limit. There will be an Igloo water jug filled with ice water so bring your own water bottles to fill or bring your own hydration. Some of the exercises will be conducted on the grass so plan accordingly if you are allergic.

Afterward, join us for a post-workout social at one of the local eateries. We hope to see you there!!

***Meet at the granite monument of a Lion facing B-Way***

Ulysses Otero, ulysses.otero@teamrwb.org

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