Jun 26, 2019

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Virtual Wear the Eagle Wednesday

12:01 AM - 11:59 PM EDT

123 Main Street, Anytown, NY 12345

With the great success of the 1776 Challenge virtual event across Eagle Nation, we are going to test drive a virtual event here in Syracuse.

We would obviously love, love, love it if you could join us in person for Wear The Eagle Wednesday but we understand that everyone has different schedules and commitments. So, if you can't join us in person, please wear your Eagle apparel for your Wednesday workout. Your check in here on this event is greatly appreciated and will help us decide if virtual events work for the Syracuse chapter. Also, if you like to dabble in the social media black arts, please feel free to post something on the chapter Facebook page as a reply to the Wear The Eagle Wednesday event post.

So, have fun and get after it, Eagles.

Matt Kosinski, matt.kosinski@teamrwb.org

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