Feb 21, 2020

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Wear the Eagle Workout: Bring Your Own Pain (BYOP) Ruck WOD (Virtual)

Ruck up Eagles! STEP 1: Pick your resistance - body weight or ruck weight. For ruck weight, we recommend 10 to 20 lbs for Eagles under 145lbs, or 20 to 30lbs for Eagles over 145lbs STEP 2: Select Ruck Workout Alpha or Ruck Workout Bravo (link below) and get after it! STEP 3: Upon completion of your last rep, ruck one mile for time. Tackle this challenge in one day or spread it out across the week. Modify exercises or mix and match as needed. Regardless of what you choose, aim to complete 100 reps and push yourself to be better than yesterday! Love to ruck or want to learn more? Join the Team RWB Rucking group linked below.

Bring Your Own Pain WOD Details

Team RWB Rucking

Matt Kiddoo, [email protected]