Feb 15, 2020

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Wear The Eagle Workout: Carry On! (Virtual)

To round out the week of Functional Fitness exercises, let's end with a fun one! Today we will work on carries. In the fitness world we call them farmers carry but in everyday life they look like carrying your child to bed, groceries in from the car, or your suitcase up the stairs. Mark off a 25-yard distance and grab a couple of different heavy objects varying in weight, a ruck or backpack that you can add weight to would be ideal. Start by holding your lightest weight at chest level and walk the distance you marked off 4 times for a total of 100 yards. Next, hold the object in one hand down by your side, walking the 100 yards. Change hands and repeat. Repeat both types of carries, increasing the weight each time. Check out the Team RWB Functional Fitness page for more details, how to modify, and how to make it more challenging.

Team RWB Functional Fitness

Cindy Moore, [email protected]teamrwb.org