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After nearly three years, about 2,600 miles and gaining thousands of fans, 93-year-old Ernie Andrus has reached the Atlantic Ocean.

The World War II veteran, who celebrated his birthday Friday, planted his feet along Georgia’s coast Saturday following a cross-country trek that began in San Diego in October 2013.

According to WTOC News, he is the oldest man to have ever completed such a mission.

“This was great. A lot of mixed emotions because I hate to see it end. I was having so much fun, but I was so glad to put my foot in that ocean and know I made it,” he told the local news station on Saint Simons Island, where a massive crowd gathered to greet him.

In the audience, fans waved American flags and cheered him on, some wearing T-shirts reading “Run, Ernie, Run” in a likely cheeky nod to the Hollywood veteran Forrest Gump, who made a similar trek in the Academy Award-winning film.

“This is probably the biggest crowd,” he remarked while addressing his fans. He noted that at one time he had around 2,000 people following him in Louisiana.

Though his feet have stopped moving, his fundraising efforts remain ongoing. Donations to aid Andrus’ mission can be made through his website and ones toward the ship’s preservation through the LST 325’s memorial page.