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By Leo Jenkins, Havoc Journal

While there will always be those willing to take advantage of the service of others there are a multitude of truly deserving and altruistic veteran run foundations. The following is a short (non exhaustive) list of veteran charities worthy of your support.


Team Red White and Blue

Mission: Team RWB’s mission is to enrich the lives of America’s veterans by connecting them to their community through physical and social activity.

Why Team Red White and Blue: There is a growing divide between civilians and military/veterans in the United States. One of the most unique aspects to Team RWB’s approach is their efforts to narrow that particular gap. Civilians (who make up 30% of Team RWB’s membership) are encouraged to attend events alongside veterans, giving the opportunity for much needed interaction in a positive, healthy environment.

A few statistics:

- 55% of active veterans in Team RWB report feeling less down, depressed or hopeless

- 64% maintain a healthier weight

- 81% feel more satisfied with their life

- 50% feel less nervous, anxious or on edge


By the numbers: Team RWB practices complete transparency with their financials. While just under 4% of what the organization took in last year went to advertising, the return on investment clearly shows the value of those dollars spent.

How are donations utilizedDonations to Team RWB are used to fund veteran enriching programs. The Chapter and Community Program is a community based chapter model that hosts local, consistent and inclusive opportunities for veterans to participate in positive health behaviors that lead to positive health outcomes. Chapters host 3-5 physical, social and service projects that are no cost to the member. Our Leadership Development Program educates, inspires and empowers veterans to translate their military experience into leadership within their communities. We host leadership and athletic camps, seminars, summits and more experiential learning opportunities through our Eagle Leader Fellowship.


From Team Red White and Blue Director of Development, and former Army Ranger, Brandon Young. “Throughout our maturation, we have created a culturally authentic environment based on the richness of wellness, acceptance, unity, belonging and purpose where veterans engage and lead within their communities. These factors of enrichment serve as a powerful upstream intervention, stemming off many of the potential challenges veterans face in the reintegration process.”


How to support Team Red White and Blue: Join the team HERE or help them with a donation 


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