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"How I found myself getting into this adventure starts with how i found myself at Team RWB. After leaving the service for about five years and really putting my arms up and hands out saying I'm gonna go a different direction, I needed some space between service and me - I felt this desire or need to reconnect with that heritage of service. So I was actually in the process of figuring out what my next steps were going to be, I was doing really well at this laboratory company and it was great, but I just wasn't really happy, I felt like something was missing and then anyways I found myself at Team RWB, and fortunate enough to work as the Director of Development and as I started to spend more time working on veteran related matters and really re-immersing myself in the veteran culture, the truth is that i started to feel this tension again mounting inside me, this tension between what i felt inside and what my experience was and what i was observing and we live in such a soundbite social media world you really can hide nowhere and there was a constant feed and stream of you know perspectives out there and after a while i felt this big tension and i felt like there was these themes that kept emerging that were really kind of put on my heart and really the things that i end up writing about are basically things that i feel are put on my heart or things that i feel like maybe I'm struggling with this and maybe theres someone else out there who probably feels just like i do its undoubted that others feel the way i do and the more conversations i had with people the more I felt like what we were coming to was this common understanding and when we were giving people the opportunity to be seen and really understand that you are a human being and we're all struggling and thats ok, I felt like what ended up happening was these opportunities kept coming to me and more and more I started pouring my thoughts down onto paper and the mega themes that are really after my heart are matters that deal with identity, belonging and isolation, acceptance, forgiveness, grace, and hope and all these things that we as human beings deal with, but if you slice down the population to that very small percentage of veterans that I feel experience this at even an accelerated rate..."