Inhale. Exhale. NamasDay.

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On February 22, World Yoga Day, veterans and supporters will gather in studios, outdoors and virtually to create community and camaraderie through the power of yoga as part of Team RWB’s annual Eagle NamasDay.

Yoga can offer many hidden health and wellness benefits to anyone, especially members of our veteran and military community. For Joseph Moehrholt, yoga teacher and Fort Bragg Army spouse, yoga is more than a profession. It has become a way to focus on himself and practice mindfulness. 


If you’ve never tried yoga, it’s likely that you have some preconceived ideas about what it takes to practice and who does yoga. Moehrholt finds that men are sometimes hesitant to try yoga because of how it’s portrayed on social media or online, and others are hesitant as a result of additional misconceptions.  width=

“That you have to be able to put your leg behind your head, wear fancy clothes or even be able to do a handstand (which let’s be real – I’ve been teaching for three years and still can’t),” said Moehrholt. 

At Team RWB, we encourage our members to try new exercises, get outside, and challenge their own individual Eagle Fire – whatever that means for them. At our events, we find that once those misconceptions are set aside, our Eagles have a chance to not only bond but enjoy new activities that they may have never previously tried. Joseph Moehrholt says the same about yoga.

“There’s a personal development that happens when men let go of that view, step on a mat and reconnect with moving their bodies,” said Moehrholt. 


Yoga is for everyone and is scalable to support injuries and can be adapted for a variety of ability levels. 

“When you come to class, talk to your instructor. Let them know if you have injuries, trauma or medical conditions,” said Moehrholt. “We want to know so we can help modify and create an experience for you to enjoy.

It’s no secret that military life offers unique challenges, from to moving across the country to a new duty station to eventually transitioning out of the service. For Moehrholt, yoga offered a sense of comfort and relief when he moved from California to Georgia alone, saying goodbye to friends and driving toward an entirely new lifestyle.

“Each night in the hotel, I rolled out my mat and moved – my back not only thanked me but my mind did too,” said Moehrholt.


If you’re interested in trying out yoga, join us for Eagle NamasDay. You can join Team RWB in person or from the comfort of your home. A remarkable group of yoga experts, including Moehrholt, will lead Eagle Nation through daily virtual yoga classes, available through the Team RWB app, February 16-22.  

If you’re still not convinced, Moehrholt wants you to write out five reasons why you: can’t do it, won’t try it, and why you should try it. Then, compare those lists and don’t be scared to reach out to your local yoga studio, a friend, or your local Team RWB chapter for additional encouragement if you need it!