Jeni Smith on a Non-Traditional Military Path and a Life of Priorities

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Jenifer Smith’s military career has been a winding path and has taken many shapes.  From an injury at Marine Corps boot camp, to college at Norwich University, to the National Guard, Active Duty, Reserves, and Contractor – she has experienced the military from almost every angle.

In this week’s podcast, we have a great conversation around the challenges and opportunities in taking a non-traditional route.  During the second half of the podcast, we get into some really good stuff like:

• Finding a community you can relate to

• The perils of over-committing

• How to identify and manage your true priorities

• The important of investing in relationships

This one was so much fun, as Jeni is also my wife.  We’ve had countless conversations on these topics, but never with a microphone between us!  We hope you enjoy and get something out of this week’s show!

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