Lady Liberty, Herself

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Blog written by: Amanda Charney 

I have been fortunate in my life to travel the globe and live and work in several countries that others will never get to see. Throughout my travels, I never really considered how grateful I was to always get to come home and live as a free American. What reminded me of this?  Lady Liberty, herself.

To me, that woman holding the flame, coming into America’s favorite city, resembles strength, peace, love, and freedom for all.  She’s holding a book of wisdom and carrying knowledge to help guide her.  She moves without fear because she carries light, she carries the world, and she lights our path when we are in fear and darkness. Most importantly, she represents Hope. She is indestructible. After the tragedy that hit our nation on September 11, America looked up to her for Hope.  For me, as a woman trying to make it in this world, I personally look up to her for guidance and Hope for my own future in America.

As I watched the Carry Light video from ALEX AND ANI for the first time, I saw the faces and reactions of people coming to America, and seeing the light for their future. As the one woman kept saying, “America is Golden…” In the current times of watching news of poverty, disgrace to our flag and our officers, tragedy upon tragedy, Lady Liberty continually delivers Hope. In that video, I loved hearing how when you start from the bottom of Lady Liberty, she is moving forward, she broke through her chains,  she is looking up to the heavens and taking the steps to move forward.

There was a time, I was upset with Old Glory.  I still remember when it was placed in my arms in a way I would have never wanted, nor wished on anyone else. Looking down in their lap so nicely folded, I lost all Hope. I held the flag so tight when it was given to me, and then would just stare at it when I was home alone thinking, “Why?”  “How?”  But then… Hope came back again.

When I bought my house several years ago, Old Glory was the first thing I hung outside of my front door. She continues freely blowing proudly, high in the air. She reminds me that just like Lady Liberty, I had to move forward and change tragedy into Hope for myself, my family, and for children all across our country helping to give them a voice.


I love my country, I love my flag, and I love my Lady Liberty!  Getting together with family from Team RWB either in my city or traveling for races out of state, it is an instant bond of community and we just smile. That smile alone, of a stranger wearing the Eagle, is a smile of light and Hope that I am so proud to be apart of.

I love being an American with my whole being, and every summer when I come back to the states it does something to my core just knowing that I am home.