Learning to Breathe Fire Excerpt to Benefit TeamRWB

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As we head into the 4th of July weekend (when hopefully TeamRWB members can relax and enjoy some beach or staycation reading), we thought you’d enjoy an excerpt from Learning to Breathe Fire: The Rise of CrossFit and the Primal Future of Fitness, by J.C. Herz  a book about CrossFit’s spirit and ethos and the biological and spiritual role of physical intensity in our lives. This excerpt about the kinship between CrossFit and the military has been warmly received by veterans from Fort Bragg to Camp Leatherneck. For folks interested in reading more, books purchased through this link will benefit TeamRWB.org, and Fire has a lively community of military and civilian CrossFitters on Facebook.

Fallujah, For Time: Sprinting Wars and the Next Generation of Combat Training

By this time, CrossFit was proliferating across two war zones and infiltrating military bases around the world. It was cheap, improvised, and time-efficient. It didn’t break in heat or dust. And it made soldiers physically more powerful than they’d ever been, in a new era of military conflict that demanded heavy loads be hauled as quickly as possible from point to point. Counter-insurgency in Iraq and Afghanistan was not a game of long marches and precise campaigns. In a landscape of steep hillsides, hot stairwells, and dangerous corners, hazard boiled up in sudden twenty minute bursts of load-bearing cardiovascular suck. It was CrossFit as a live fire exercise, and any soldier with half a brain knows to train as you fight.

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