Meet Tiara Walz, Team RWB Ft. Benning

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These traits have been ingrained in me from an early age. I have my parents, Holly and Kevin, to thank for instilling the importance of these traits. They taught me how to love, live, and be a good person. My entire family has taught me how to overcome adversity and obstacles. They taught me to be a strong woman and leader, and fight for what I believe in. They showed me in my young age how the Army Values and living with integrity would always ensure success. They love me and support me in whatever I do. Knowing this empowering feeling has enabled me to share it and instill it in others.


I grew up a military brat and embraced a life of moving, traveling, and meeting new faces. I grew up all over the states and Europe. I’ve met many inspirational people along the way. I have always been very active and involved. I played sports from the age of 8 on through college (Soccer will always be my favorite). I was part of many organizations in high school- President of National Honor Society, Valedictorian, Class President, German Club, Captain of my Soccer and Volleyball Teams.  I was always hungry for more. In college, I ventured away from the Army life for the first time. I had a lot of fun my freshman year but felt there was a void. Something was missing. Many of my friends were in ROTC and convinced me to join in on some PT sessions with our Battalion Commander. The sense of purpose and camaraderie I saw in this group of individuals hooked me immediately. Could I possibly join the Army and serve as an Officer and….enjoy it? The answer was a resounding YES. Army ROTC became my new platform for inspiration and began teaching me how to lead. I embraced being a member of the team. I excelled in our program and through my biology/Pre-med program. I served as the S3 and Cadet Battalion Commander while in my Senior Year of ROTC and reignited my passion for leading from the front.  I stayed fit and found fun in running, hiking, and doing adventure races. In 2009 I commissioned as a Medical Service Corps Officer in the United States Army. I have served as a platoon leader in a medical company, an executive officer closing bases in Iraq, and an operations officer in a Medical Center. I am currently a Commander in a Hospital at Fort Benning. This job opened the doors for me to become a full-time Healthcare Administrator for the Army. I will earn my MHA/MBA from Baylor University beginning in Summer of 2015. I also recently became a member of The American College of Healthcare Executives.

I have been in the Army for almost 6 years! It’s hard to believe. My passion and determination to change Army Medicine and our Healthcare System has grown immensely in these 6 years. So has my love for my Brothers and Sisters in arms. I respect our profession and love what we do more than ever before. I work with so many strong, inspiring individuals. I am grateful to work in such a profession that allows such growth and prosperity as individuals and as a team. I am honored to serve Veterans and their families as a healthcare administrator. I have also found a new sport in which to unleash my athleticism- triathlon. The sport of triathlon is an inspiring world of people who push their bodies to the outer limits. I have started doing half Ironmans and really enjoy getting out there and competing. The five qualities I hold near and dear to my heart are present here. My triathlon family is comprised of some of the smartest and amazing people I’ve ever met!  They exemplify strength, perseverance, and passion in all that they do.


I found Team RWB through a mentor/friend of mine, MAJ Jonathan Silk. “This would be perfect for you!” He said. And he was right. In a year’s time, we created a Chapter of over 300 people in Fort Benning/Columbus and I volunteered to take on the Social Director title. Our mission? To reach Veterans and connect them with the Community through physical and social activity. The Leaders I have worked with are phenomenal people. Their passion for Veterans is unsurpassed. We all seek the finer adventures in life. We understand that we can never stop improving and we strive to learn, grow, and love more every day. We are people who set goals and challenges for ourselves and we MEET those goals. We gain value in our lives with every Veteran we touch and every friend we make. Our team has grown significantly and we are strong. We all share a remarkable bond and it has truly changed my life for the better. It’s remarkable what a support crew can do for you. Wearing the eagle and running with the flag of our nation is a feeling of peace and pride I cannot describe – I can only show you. My wish is for everyone to experience the camaraderie and patriotism that is Team RWB. The group of red shirts with flags you see running by embodies the traits I emulate every day. A day without inspiration is a day wasted and our Eagles LIVE IT.

Life is and always will be far too beautiful to watch as a spectator. Don’t let it pass you by.