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The Eagle we wear so proudly is meant to reflect the ideals that make our country great. But those ideals only work when we live up to them.

Our organization’s Eagle Ethos guides us to oppose and condemn racism on individual, systemic, and societal levels. We cannot build community with language built on “us” and “them.” We cannot commit ourselves to others if we do not value their individual stories. 

Veterans have seen the power of diversity firsthand. We have trained, lived, deployed, and fought alongside people from all different races and creeds in service to the same nation. 

Because of this, veterans are uniquely positioned to contribute to the work that must be done to end discrimination facing Black Americans. When we truly come together – sharing mutual challenges, camaraderie, successes, and yes, sometimes defeats – “us” and “them” give way to “we.”

As an organization, we will establish a Committee of Diverse Voices to provide feedback and perspective on issues of racial, social, and gender diversity. The Committee will meet regularly with executive staff and Board members. We are committed to living up to our Eagle Ethos and ensuring that every veteran feels welcome at Team RWB. 

Team RWB is built around love of country and community. We are positioned to make a real difference in the months and years ahead through our conversations and interactions. These discussions won’t be easy, but veterans are up to the task. They repeatedly demonstrated courage on training grounds and the battlefield. We call upon them to show that courage again. 

Through our actions and example, we can ensure that the country we fought to defend is worthy of the sacrifices so many of us, including millions of our Black brothers and sisters, have made.


*** We look forward to sharing more about our efforts to do the work necessary to hold ourselves accountable. We welcome your insights, feedback, and suggestions. Please email [email protected] to get in touch.



  •  July 16, 2020: Team RWB is proud to offer a new training to our Eagle Leaders as one of many steps forward in our efforts to ensure that every veteran feels welcome at Team RWB. Chevy Cook, Military Mentors co-founder and a current U.S. Army officer pursuing doctoral studies at Tufts University, leads the training and shares lessons on equality, discussing and addressing diversity, and allyship in leadership. Team RWB is recommending all Eagle Leaders and members watch the training, continue to educate themselves, and participate in ongoing conversation.

Comments on Message from Team RWB

  • Will Terry

    Thank You Eagle Nation. These steps are how we stand above other organizations and continue to lead charge for equal Equality, just like the freedoms we have and continue fight for as veterans, active duty, and our civilian supporters.

    Proud to be a “Eagle” of color

    • Team RWB

      Thank you, Will. We look forward to sharing more and doing the work. We’d love to hear from you if you’d like to share. [email protected]

    • Jim Krug

      Well said Will!

  • Chrissie

    i am excited to join

  • Brice Cook

    Let’s bring an event to Key West, whos with me? let’s make sonething happen at NAS Key West, or USCG Key West.