Motivation Monday – Meet Allison Lanier

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I got out of the Air Force (active duty) in September 2010. Things didn’t go exactly according to plan. My husband had a difficult time finding work, money was tight, and I was miserable. I became so lazy and ate everything in sight. I bottomed out at 230 pounds. One night in September 2011, I rolled over in bed, and I was out of breath. I decided then that I needed control of my life. I made a game plan, stuck to it, and lost 90 pounds in six months. I know that sounds unbelievable, but it’s chronicled on Facebook. It happened quickly because I was determined to gain control of myself. I didn’t use any fad diets or pills. Diet and exercise did it. After losing about thirty pounds, I started running- very slowly. I have always been patriotic so I decided to find a veterans run to participate in. I found Team RWB’s race in the Woodlands and decided I was going to do it. I didn’t care how long it took , I was going to “run” the entire thing. I can’t remember my exact time, but I want to say it was around 46 minutes. I did not walk, though! When I neared the finish line, there were people “wearing the eagle” that were screaming my number and cheering me on. I decided then that I was a runner. I wish I could cross a finish line every day!


Top Left:  first 5K ever – the Woodlands Veteran’s Day Race in 2011.  Top Right: the same race in 2012. I placed second for overall female veteran.

Bottom Left: Three days before I decided to change my life.  Bottom right: me in my Team RWB shirt!

Shortly thereafter I looked into joining Team RWB. I was so excited to get my shirt in the mail. I wear it to every race. I have completed triathlons, two half marathons, and the Houston Marathon. I will be doing the Texas Independence Relay with Team RWB in two weeks! I have placed first through third in several small races. This month I am celebrating keeping the weight off for a full year. I feel like I have conquered the world, and the best part is the positive impact that my story has had on others.

What attracted me to Team RWB was the desire to be a part of something bigger than me, to be part of a team, and to be able to represent such a worthy cause while doing what I love – running. The organization seemed very supportive and encouraging when I was 200 pounds, crossing a 5K finish line after 45 minutes. My goals are to maintain my fitness through racing and to raise awareness and money for Team RWB. So far, I’ve only raised a little over $1,000. I don’t have rich friends, but they give what they can!

My remaining goals for this year, after completing the marathon are to complete a half Ironman, and run 1,000 miles over the course of the year.  What challenges do I face – life. I guess everyone has different challenges. Mine are my busy schedule and the inner fat girl! 🙂 She rears her ugly head every now and then, and I have to squash it. In all seriousness, it is difficult at times to remain in control. This may be difficult to understand, but I always fear that I may relapse. I certainly do not want to yo-yo with my weight. I want to be fit forever.