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The Experience


We’ve designed an event site with a huge festival area to celebrate all participating recruits and their supporters. The main stage will be surrounded by military-inspired challenges and a quick 1-klick run course. You’ll take on an epic challenge with your teammates, but you’ll feel the Eagle Fire everywhere. When you cross the finish line with your team, everyone will be cheering for you and your accomplishment.



We’ll gather on the “Field” in wave starts to take on the Challenge. You’ll line up with your team of five, team flags waving and high-fives flying. No worries, there will be no formations here – just loud music, a raging Eagle Fire, and our Mr. Vice, emcee Al getting you hyped. He may get you started with some 8-count bodybuilders (there’s no telling!), but your team will be ready!



On these proving grounds, we reveal who has the fight in them to conquer the challenges ahead. To dig even deeper when supported by our teammates. To prove the fighting spirit running through them will outlast the physical, mental and moral battles in front of them. These are the battles that must be won. Get ready to find your epic – stay tuned as we unveil the Challenges in the days to come.



You will gather with your team on the “field” for the National Anthem to start your wave. Next, you’ll head to your first team Challenge and knock out 100 reps – together. Your team gets to decide how to get to 100 – each person can do 100, or your team can do 100 together. However you get to 100, it’s all about the team support. Hit the 1-klick run course with your team flag before heading back to the next Challenge. The team will repeat the cycle for a total of 10 Challenges and 10 Klicks before crossing the finish line and ringing the Finisher Bell. Stay tuned for course updates and training tips @TeamRWB.


Whether you’re taking on an epic challenge with Team Red, White & Blue, supporting or honoring a friend or family member, or just out to have a good time with great people, you should know that you’re part of something outstanding. Together, we are raising funds to fuel the Team RWB mission. Team RWB is where all veterans belong. That means more support for the men and women who have served and sacrificed for our nation.