2020 has been a year of unprecedented uncertainty, from isolation to economic insecurity, and more. These challenges have made the mental health and wellness – not only of our veteran community but our entire nation – more critical now than ever before.

Join Team RWB, Starbucks, TrueCar, and our Pledge10 Collective on Saturday, October 10, World Mental Health Day to #ChallengeTheStigma by reaching out to 10 battle buddies, and taking 10 minutes to prioritize your own mental health

Together, we can counter the isolation our veterans face and come out of this year better than we started. 

TAG 10.

Reach out to 10 battle buddies by giving them a call, sending a text, visiting them in person, or tagging them on social media. Battle Buddies can be civilians, family members, or someone you served with – anyone who should know they are not alone. If you identify a friend in need of assistance during your Pledge10 outreach, click here for crisis, counseling, and educational resources.

TAKE 10.

Take 10 minutes today to assess your emotional health hygiene, and make a plan to adjust your habits as needed. Click here for ideas and resources to support your personal efforts. 

Pledge10 Collective