Old Glory Relay runs through the Valley

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For the fifth year in a row, the American flag is making a trip across the United States one person at a time.

The Old Glory Relay passed through the Valley Saturday.

As the sun came up this morning in Youngstown, runners hit the road; one leg in a cross-country journey for the American flag.

“When you’re carrying Old Glory, it just takes you over,” said Todd Huegel from Cincinnati, participating in his fourth Old Glory Relay.

It’s the fifth year for the Old Glory Relay, put on by Team RWB. It started September 11th in Boston and will end on Veterans Day in San Diego, spreading love for the country and honoring veterans one step at a time.

“As a civilian, it’s a small way of giving back to those who served and those who gave the ultimate sacrifice,” said Lee Neutzling from Columbus.

“It makes me think of the best of our country,” said Brooke Taylor from Green, Ohio. “It sounds funny, but it really is a beautiful thing. It’s a privilege.”

Twenty-eight people combined to make the 66.6 mile journey, connecting Youngstown and downtown Cleveland today, a powerful image every step of the way.

“They’re a small part in a bigger mission. Four thousand three hundred miles, 62 days across the country,” said Elsa Cave, the athletic director for Team RWB’s Akron/Canton Chapter.

“It’s empowering because I think we’re in a time where there’s a lot of division in our country, so to do this, to get out and wave the flag and have people wave and honk, it reminds us of what brings us together and what unites us,” said Taylor.

A single symbol, reminding us that our states really are united.

To learn more about the Old Glory Relay or Team RWB, you can check out the Team RWB official website.