Team RWB and TrueCar Military host Open Road Challenge

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Cars aren’t just a means of transportation, they not only help us escape the day-to-day, they allow us stay active and connected to the world around us. 

This August, TrueCar and Team RWB are teaming up to host an Open Road Challenge encouraging veterans and supporters to get active, take on new local adventures, and stay connected virtually. 

While many of our usual summer destinations and activities are on hold, we want our nation’s veterans to remember that life is an open road and there are still ways to improve health and wellness. 

If you’re up for the challenge, join us every Saturday in August to complete an Open Road Challenge available in the Team RWB App. Don’t forget to join in the conversation and share your progress with #OpenRoadChallenge for a chance to win TrueCar and Team RWB swag.

The Challenge:

August 1: TrueCar WOD

Join TrueCar for a challenging WOD (Workout of the Day) that you can do from the comfort of your home using only your car! Click here for a WOD demonstration and click here to check-in.



Warm-up: 1-mile run/walk/cycle buy-in
2 Rounds:
– 30-second car (wall) sit
– 20 Standing calf raises
– 20 Elevated pushups
– 25 Bumper tricep dips
– 15 Windshield wipers
– 20 Bulgarian bumper split
– Bonus: Car push/pull as far as possible

August 8: PCS Playlist EMOM

Remember that one time you PCS’d (permanent change of station) across the country? There’s no doubt that music helped get you through. We asked for some of the best PCS road trip survival songs and created a workout just for you. Download the playlist here, check out the EMOM (every minute on the minute) workout here, and check-in here. Share your favorite PCS or road trip song on social media with #OpenRoadChallenge for a chance to win swag!




August 15: Open Road Stretches

If you’re headed out on a road trip or cross-country PCS, it’s important to stretch and stay active even while you drive! Tackle a road trip stretch challenge offered by our friends at TrueCar. Click here for a video demonstration. Click here to check-in. 



Neck Swivels (10 seconds)
Shoulder Rolls (10 seconds)
Shoulder Stretch (10 seconds)
Thread the Needle (30 seconds)
Chest Stretch (10 seconds)
Back Twists (10 seconds)
Quad Stretch (20 seconds)
Groin Stretch (20 seconds)
Low Back Stretch (20 seconds)
Hip Stretch (20 seconds)
Calf Stretch (20 seconds)

August 22: Road trip Ruck/Walk/Run/Cycle

Grab your family, or jump in the car on your own and head to the great outdoors! Whether it’s a national park, nearby mountain, or awesome trail, pack your lunch, pick a route, and explore nature from a new perspective. Find road trip ideas here




August 29: Stay Mindful

Mental health is a critical component of health and wellness. Tackle stress brought on by the pandemic, PCS season, and other challenges you may be facing this summer with this week’s mindfulness challenge. Hop in the car, drive to a local outdoor space to meditate or follow this guided program. Check-in here.




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