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TRWB found me in the hospital room of SFC Mark Holbert and his wife, Tiffany in February, 2011. A non-profit that I co-founded has the honor of awarding specially modified vans to our most severely injured service men and women. While visiting the Holberts at Walter Reed, Mark was just recovering from the coma he was in to help his body heal from the the double amputation of his legs and other severe injuries, Tiffany matched my energy and passion for "moving at 100mph" with their friend, Maj Mike Erwin. All Tiffany could say was that "this TEAM RWB" is going 200 miles in 2 days and Mark would be hand-cranking his "legs" of the Relay. I was HOOKED! If Mark (still lying in a hospital bed!) was racing - WHAT THE HELL was my excuse going to be for not racing?

That's the story! I tell it every single time I meet a new TRWB Connecticut Chapter member. I've learned we don't need feet to leave our footprint., this was taught to me by great champions like Mark Holbert. My treasures are both active duty with the ARMY and a marine veteran - these are my 2 sons. My marine is living with PTSD. Our family is grateful to Mike Erwin for having this awesome desire to make a HUGE & POSITIVE IMPACT on how we welcome home our service men, women and all our Veterans. The tools have assisted both my sons, their friends, families and my community. TRWB Tri-Camp is allowing 2 of our CT veterans to participate in a sport they've never done and to be a volunteer here with them is a PRICELESS opportunity!