Partner Workouts Lead to Better Results

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Happy February Team RWB! This month we are highlighting partner workouts! Having a friend to workout with creates an environment that is positive and encouraging. It is also a great way to help with accountability, which is one of the biggest setbacks in the fitness field. Everyone wants to workout, eat healthy, and become their best self, but most people just wish they had someone to do it with so they don’t feel alone. You are more likely to push harder when you are with someone than when you are alone. More efficient workouts means better results! You don’t need any equipment to do partner workouts, but adding some is a plus!

Workouts are even more fun if you’re with a group!

  1. Put your ruck on and train for Tough Ruck (only 2 months away!);
  2. Go for a group run to a restaurant, have an appetizer, and run back;
  3. Go to a local stadium and climb the stairs;
  4. Come to Challenge Fitness or your local group exercise studio and take a class; or
  5. Hit the slopes and go skiing, snowboarding, or snowshoeing!

Being with a group makes time go by faster, gives you the opportunity to meet new people, and learn new exercises.

Exercising with a partner is an excellent way to keep your heart rate higher for longer time periods as you motivate each other to reach new goals. Heart rate is one of the easiest ways to measure the intensity of your workout. As a general guideline to gauge intensity you must first know your maximal heart rate. The most common equation used is 220-(age). I am 23 years old therefore if I wanted to know my theoretical maximal heart rate I would subtract 23 from 220 and get 197. A good training zone to improve cardiovascular fitness is about 55-85% of your theoretical max (197). I would simply multiply 197 x .55 and .85 to get a range of 108-167 beats per minute. As a beginner, it is advised to start at the low end of the range or even slightly below and work your way up to the upper end of the heart rate zone.  

In the month of February, make it a point to get a friend or family member involved – for bonus points, grab a friend, introduce them to Team RWB, and get them involved in our exercise and social events! We created a video for you with varying levels of partner exercises, click here: If you are looking for more, visit our website at and we would be happy to send you more ideas!

Move Together, Move Better.