Paul Szoldra, founder of The Duffel Blog on satire, the creative process and veterans in journalism

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Paul Szoldra is a journalist at Business Insider, and the founder of the wildly popular military satire site The Duffel Blog, an online magazine with a vast military readership (The Secretary of Defense, James Mattis is known to be a reader).

In this week’s episode, we talk about the origin story of The Duffel Blog, as well how he creates and cultivates the irreverent, biting, relevant content that The Duffel Blog is famous for.  In addition, here are some topics we cover:

• The article on the Afghan president (one of his favorites):

• His talk at Got Your 6 Storytellers:

• His work at Business Insider:

• Thomas Brennan’s The War Horse:

• TM Gibbons-Neff at WaPo:

• CJ Chivers at NY Times:

• His new project: WTF, over.

Connect with Paul via social media:

  • @paulszoldra
  • @duffelblog

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