Podcast 104 – Dr. Dan Gade thinks the VA Disability system is hurting veterans – here’s why

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UPDATE:  SNAP benefit eligibility does count disability compensation as income – details are spelled out here:

“For SNAP purposes, “income” includes both earned income such as wages and unearned income such as Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and veterans, disability, and death benefits. Because veterans’ and disability benefits are not explicitly excluded from income, they are counted when determining a household’s eligibility for SNAP.”

Dr. Dan Gade is a retired army officer who was massively injured in Iraq, leading to the amputation of his leg, amongst other injuries.  Through his experiences in recovery, he has come to believe that the structure of the VA disability system is hurting veterans and creating a culture of entitlement.  He’s become a vocal supporter for change, and is a driving force in trying to force an overhaul in the way the VA addresses disability compensation.

In this episode we discuss:

• The incentives for disabled veterans to not work, and why this is bad

• The difference between disabilities and conditions

• His non-profit experiment, the Independence Project

• How the structure of the system incentivizes abuse, leading to a culture of entitlement.  




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Comments on Podcast 104 – Dr. Dan Gade thinks the VA Disability system is hurting veterans – here’s why

  • Kathy Barnes

    WOW! I appreciate Dan’s candor and honesty here! This message needs to be shouted from the rooftops!

    • JJ Pinter

      Thanks Kathy! Hope you liked it! We agree, and would love it if you would share this with your friends!

  • D. Izquierdo

    Wow, one of the best episodes, it hit close to home. I have a couple service connected injuries, I didn’t come out the way I came in, but I do not get or want any disability from the VA. I have the good fortune of having a good paying and rewarding career, and prefer for VA funding to go to the vets that really need it, and truly can not have it as good as I do. I can’t stand how many people in my job are getting disability from the VA and do the exact work I do, and have sham issues. I have real injuries and decided to take the high road, it really strikes a nerve every time I hear it. We have somehow slowly created an entitlement generation and society, and the military community is not immune