Episode 116 – The Wisdom of Sal Giunta

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Sal Giunta is the first living Medal of Honor Recipient since the Vietnam war. This episode is less interview and more conversation between two combat veterans over good beer. Southeast Regional Director and Sal talk about a myriad of topics that all veterans can relate to. Sal’s experience, passion and wisdom will inspire and fire up all those called to serve and lead…..actually, you’ll learn from Sal that they are the same thing.

In this week’s podcast, we discuss:

• How winning the Medal has changed Sal.

• What is service and how do we find purpose outside of the military?

• How we met at the White House.

• His greatest leadership mentors and lessons.

• We DON’T talk about the day and actions that he earned the Medal of Honor for. We delve deeper into what it means to him to be a Recipient.


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