John Bond

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John Bond (006, License to Chill/Enrich) joined Team RWB in February 2014. In fact his first event was a Team RWB Philadelphia Super Bowl Sunday Social Event. It is either ironic or appropriate that John has been serving as the Team RWB Philly Social Director for the past three years. As an Army Veteran of 18 years John understands the importance of servant leadership and believes the Eagle Ethos is an excellent way to embody that service obligation now living a life outside of the military.

John enjoyed an Army career as an enlisted Combat Engineer in the Virginia Army National Guard and later as a Field Artillery Officer on active duty. He is a graduate of The College of William and Mary concentrating in both Theater and Psychology. (He did this to help understand human behavior and then “act” like he knows what he’s talking about.) He deployed to Iraq twice, served in Qatar for two assignments, and even assisted in joint military training operations in Amman, Jordan. He had the honor to command twice at the company/battery level and later served as Operations Officer and Executive Officer at Joint Base McGuire Dix Lakehurst. He then earned his Masters of Arts in Psychology concentrating in Organizational Leadership from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology before transitioning to the civilian sector in 2014. He has since led in a manufacturing setting at First Quality Retail Services first as a Platform Manager and then as a Talent Development Specialist. He now oversees the company’s Training Department as the Training Manager.  

The initial reason John joined Team RWB was to find a group of people he could eventually call friends after having finally settled in Philadelphia. He has gained so much more than just friends that are willing to endure his relentless pursuit of dad jokes. He found he is still able to fuel his passion for the study of servant leadership. He is constantly finding new ways to serve God and the military community at home and nationally. He is also being challenged to live his best life through healthy means each and every day. John has an incredible family that is led by God. He is blessed to call his mother and father his first teachers and mentors. His siblings, nieces, nephews, Godchildren, friends, and fellow Eagles keep him sane and make him feel loved. He is also the proud twin brother of the one and only, James Bond.