Matt Kiddoo

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Matt found out about Team RWB in October 2014 while attending the Veterans Administrations MOVE weight management program. This was at a time he was struggling in life and didn’t know he needed what Team RWB offered. The first official Team RWB event he attended he was tasked to be the host and was hooked immediately. He has been an Eagle Leader since January 2015, serving as the Veteran Outreach Director, then Co-Captain and moving up to take on the role of Chapter Captain.  He was born into a military family and moved around the US and abroad while growing up and is a proud “Military Brat”. Shortly after his father retired and he finished high school, Matt ran back to what he knew most, life in the military. He served 20 years in the Air Force as an Aircraft Armament Systems Specialist, which took him overseas for 10 of those years to South Korea, the Philippines, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Iceland, plus four stateside assignments. Team RWB has enriched Matt’s life beyond his wildest dreams and has given so much to him. He loves the camaraderie, inclusiveness and sense purpose it has given him and strives to make it his mission to give back to Eagle Nation. He has found that helping others has helped him with life’s issues, connecting him more to his community and gives him some of the camaraderies that he experienced while serving in the military. Matt has lived in Wichita, Kansas since January 2005 after retiring from the Air Force. He raised his daughter as a single parent until she turned 18 and spread her wings to fly on her own.  His mission is to explore various ways to help others through a more holistic approach with mindfulness, meditation, yoga, rucking and continued leadership studies. He hopes he can bring back what he learns to inspire, motivate and enrich others’ lives.