Team RWB spans across 5 Regions

Team RWB is a chapter-based organization that is comprised of five separate regions. The vast majority of our membership resides in the following regions across the United States: Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Central, and West. We also have members distributed across the globe. Regions are led by full-time staff, more specifically a Regional Director and Program Managers. These leaders are responsible for executing regional operations and managing Team RWB’s two programs within their regions: Chapter and Community Program (CCP) and the Eagle Leadership Development Program (ELDP).



Number of Regions


Number of Total Staff (Regional Directors & Program Managers)


Total number of active Eagle Leaders that are leading our members and managing our chapters across the country.

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Director of Programs

Zack Armstrong

Northeast Regional Director

Amanda Rondon

Southeast Regional Director

Garrett Cathcart

Central Regional Director

Brandon Thomas

Midwest Regional Director

West Regional Director


“Local Eagle Leaders are the lifeblood of Team RWB. Our regional staffs build meaningful and genuine relationships with Eagle Leaders to make our regions strong and communities stronger.”

Zack Armstrong, Director of Programs