New Chapter Inquiries

Thank you for your interest in starting a Team RWB Chapter!

If you’re interesting in starting a chapter, please take a few minutes to read the material below, and submit your application to us. It will be reviewed by a Team RWB leader and you will receive a response within 14 days.

If we’re not able to start a chapter in your city right now, we’re really sorry!  Our organization is growing quickly, however and we’ll reach out in the future when we are able!

Additional information about starting a chapter.

A Team RWB chapter is comprised of its members, and a small leadership team as detailed below:

  • Chapter Captain – Leads the chapter
  • Communications Director – Keeps our members informed
  • Veteran Engagement  – Grows veteran involvement
  • Community Engagement – Grows community involvement
  • Athletic Director – Organizes and conducts physical activities
  • Social Director – Organizes and conducts social activities

Note: Not all leadership positions must be filled for a Team RWB chapter to form, but we ask that you work towards building a complete leadership team.

To be recognized as a Team RWB chapter, the following requirements must be met and maintained:

  • Must be responsive to inquiries and welcome all new members within 48 hours.
  • Maintain an active local social media presence via Facebook and Instagram.
  • Calendar of athletic/social events developed, posted, and communicated to membership.
  • Manage database of local members and supporters.
  • Host consistent Team RWB activities (should grow in scope/size with the community.
    • Exercise events (Runs, Crossfit, Yoga, etc.); held weekly or bi-weekly
    • Team Social Events; held at least quarterly
    • Community Service Event; held at least quarterly
  • Track events and attendance.
  • Conduct active community and Veteran outreach.

There are a few small requirements that we ask of any person who would like to start the process of establishing a Team RWB community in their location:

  • Have no pending geographic relocations planned in the next 6 months.
  • Be willing to commit 4-6 hours per week of personal time to this endeavor.
  • Be willing and comfortable with managing a small budget to fund Team RWB activities.
  • Most importantly, be comfortable with being in a LEADERSHIP position – this is the single most crucial facet to starting a Team RWB chapter.
  • Finally, be prepared for the immense amounts of personal satisfaction and fulfillment in their life that will come from being involved with Team RWB and starting a chapter!

After reading the above material if you are interested in starting a Team RWB Chapter in your area please submit your resume and answer these few short questions.

  • In what city/state would you like to start a Team RWB Chapter?
  • Please tell us about yourself?
  • How did you hear about Team RWB?
  • Why do you want to start a Team RWB Chapter?
  • Where do you see the most need in the Veteran community in your local area?
    Why do you think that Team RWB is a good fit for your community?


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