Eagle Leadership Development Program (ELDP)

Educating, training, and inspiring Eagle Leaders to enrich Veterans’ lives.

The Eagle Leadership Development Program (ELDP) is designed to invest in Eagle Leaders through the Eagle Way to build effective, authentic, genuine, loyal, and empathetic Chapters to enrich veterans’ lives.


We invest in Eagle Leaders so they are effectively trained to increase the quantity and quality of veteran engagement in their Chapters. Eagle Leaders that are able to express and demonstrate our Eagle Ethos through the Eagle Way by providing a common leadership language that will translate to a consistent member experience filled with health, people, and purpose.

Eagle Leaders are:

  • Empathetic to veterans, teammates, and people.
  • Authentic to themselves (Know yourself).
  • Genuine to others (Understand others).
  • Loyal and committed to their communities.
  • Effective in carrying out the mission under the Eagle Ethos.

“I’ve learned that genuine leaders admit when they are wrong, and forgive quickly when they have been wronged. That’s what Eagle Leadership means to me.”

– Tephanie Brooks, Eagle Leader

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