Random Acts of Kindness

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In their own way, everyone has the potential to change the world. Sometimes it’s a simple change, like grabbing coffee with a friend or getting in a workout, and sometimes it’s a bigger, heavier change, like rebuilding a house or finding opportunities where none seemed to exist before.  Living life with a constant drive to make the world a better place can be a challenge.

Eagles inherently take on this challenge and share this potential, achieving success through the Eagle Ethos.  More than just values, our Eagle Ethos of Passion, People, Positivity, Commitment, Camaraderie, and Community, is a set of guiding beliefs and ideals that characterize our community.  Living these beliefs inspires people to action, demonstrating each value through either single snapshots or longer periods of time, and ultimately changing the world in which we all live.  These seemingly random acts of kindness built up over time, creating the community of Eagles that we know, trust, and can rely on during good days and bad.  At Team RWB, we know that these Eagles are usually too humble to share these stories first hand, and we want to change that.

Under our pillars of Positivity, Camaraderie, and Community, we’re celebrating “Random Acts of Kindness Week” from Feb 11-17th, 2018.  We want to share stories and experiences from you, our Eagles, witnessing or being a part of a random act of kindness.  From lending a wetsuit to a fellow competitor at an Ironman, to grabbing coffee for a buddy check, rebuilding a house for a fellow veteran or helping them find employment opportunities, no act of kindness is too small to be highlighted.  If you or an Eagle you know has been a recipient of a Random Act of Kindness, we urge you to share the story here so we can share on our national page. We want to see Eagles take over social media with Random Acts of Kindness next week, so be sure to join the conversation by sharing all of the kindness you give or receive during the week using the following hashtags: #CaptureKindness #EagleEthos