Recognizing Team RWB’s little Eagles on National Military Brats Day

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April is the #MonthoftheMilitaryChild and we’ve been celebrating our little Eagles all month long!


Savannah (12) has moved five times as part of a (recently retired!) dual-military family. After moving to a new duty station, Team RWB helped Savannah and her family feel at home.
Since then, participating in Team RWB events has helped Savannah gain a love for winter sports, camping, and more!
In Savannah’s words: “Everything Team RWB does is admirable and they’re all good people. Thank you for all the support and love.”


Aven, Thalen, and Kaeda

Aven (2), Thaelen (16), and Kaeda (16) grew up in a military family. Their mother is an Air Force veteran, while their father’s Army career carried the trio through seven moves.
As Team RWB members, the family has enjoyed bowling, running, walking, and participating in observance events including 9/11 flag ceremonies and remembrance runs.
In their mom’s words: “When you compare the Eagle Ethos to military kids, you begin to see the correlation. Military kids embody the same ethos as Eagles, which is why they show up to Eagle events!”


Jalynn, Jolina, and Jaric

Jalynn (12), Jolina (9), and their big brother Jaric (19) are the children of a 6-year Navy veteran and an active duty Chief Petty Officer in the Hampton Roads area.

Military life is all the girls have ever known, and they have learned resilience as a result. Their dad says that resilience has helped them commit to a routine while staying home due to COVID-19 and while their mom is deployed.
As Team RWB members, the girls have made friends with other military children and refer to their teammates as their “Running Friends!” The family typically attends organized Team RWB runs weekly, and enjoys volunteering at local food banks and water stations at marathons with their Eagle friends.


Tyann, Roston, Jayden, and Breyah

Tyann (17), Roston (15), Jayden (8), and Breyah (4) have learned a lot from their mother’s service in the U.S. Army Reserve

From seeing their mom get dressed for drill, asking to hear stories about her service, and even admiring her commitment to fitness by going on runs, hikes or doing pushups, they have gained an understanding of what it means to serve our country.

By participating in Team RWB events, including RunAsOne, Memorial Day flag ceremonies and more, the children have gained another way to learn and honor those who have served.


Katelyn and Elizabeth

Katelyn (7) and Elizabeth (6) have already lived in five states as a result of their mother’s service in the US Air Force.
The girls have spent time together walking, hiking, and even bowling with their Eagle family. That sense of family was especially important during their mom’s last deployment when Alaska Eagles stepped up to help the girls put on a holiday princess photoshoot, and so much more.
In Elizabeth’s own words: “It’s fun and they do cool stuff and they never leave anyone behind.”