Chapter and Community Program (CCP)

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Chapter and Community Program (CCP)

Our chapters deliver local, consistent, and inclusive opportunities for veterans and the community to connect through physical and social activity. Members (aka Eagles) engage through a variety of fitness activities, social gatherings, and community service events. Our research shows a direct correlation between engagement and enrichment.

Core Metrics:

  • A Unique Veteran Interaction (UVI) occurs whenever a member who is a veteran physically interacts with our organization. This typically happens via attendance at local, regional, or national events.
  • A Unique Civilian Interaction (UCI) occurs whenever a member who is a civilian physically interacts with our organization. This could happen via attendance at local, regional, or national events.





Member Spotlight – Chris Scott

Sierra Vista Chapter

Chris served in the U.S. Army as an Airborne Infantryman with the 82nd Airborne Division. Upon leaving military service he started working as a correctional officer with the ultimate goal of becoming a police officer. Due to a back injury, Chris unfortunately had to give up on his law enforcement career dreams. He became depressed, stopped doing the things he loved and lost his way forward. Chris didn’t know how to tell people he was struggling and felt like he would never get out of the hole he had fallen into. Chris learned about Team RWB in July of 2016 and getting engaged with the organization has helped him get back to being Chris…to belonging to something greater than himself, having meaningful, supportive friendships again and being able to serve others.

Eagle Leadership Development Program

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Eagle Leadership Development Program (ELDP)

The Eagle Leadership Development Program (ELDP) is a sequential, 36-month curriculum designed to invest in our Eagle Leaders through education, mentorship, movement, and elevation to build empathetic, authentic, genuine, loyal, and effective chapters to enrich veterans’ lives.

WHAT IS EAGLE LEADERSHIP? Eagle Leadership is all about building genuine relationships. Eagle Leaders are empathetic, authentic, and loyal leaders that build genuine relationships to effectively carry out Team RWB’s mission of enriching veterans’ lives.


  • Empathetic to veterans, teammates, and people.
  • Authentic to themselves (Know yourself).
  • Genuine to others (Understand others).
  • Loyal and committed to their communities.
  • Effective in carrying out the mission under the Eagle Ethos

Team RWB conducted 28 Eagle Leader Experiences in 2017 including Trail Running, Aquatics, Storytelling, GORUCK, Triathlon, and an Athlete Experience. 637 Eagle Leaders participated in the Experiences. In 2018, for the first time, we’ll deliver the Eagle Leader Seminar to conclude the 36 month curriculum for those Eagle Leaders who attended Camps in 2017.

The Eagle Way is Team RWB’s cutting edge approach to facilitating leadership development by way of whole-brain integration, through the interconnection of education, movement, genuine relationships (outer integration), and elevation. 

  • Education (Logic): E-learning, Classroom, Readings,Videos, Podcasts
  • Movement (Coordination): Yoga, Running, Rucking, Functional Fitness
  • Genuine Relationships (Social/Outer integration): Mentorship, Socials, Meals, Events, White Space
  • Elevation (Emotions & Self-Reflection): Sharing Stories, Authenticity, Vulnerability, Empathy, Laughing, Crying, Inspiration & Motivation


Member Spotlight – Maggie Chavez

Fort Irwin Chapter

Maggie served 13 years in the U.S. Army and continues to serve in the Army Reserves as a Human Resource Specialist. She started her journey with Team RWB in 2016 as a member before stepping up to lead the Fort Irwin Chapter. Prior to becoming an Eagle, Maggie was a fearful and apprehensive stay-at-home mom. She would have never in her wildest dreams considered signing up for events like the Spartan Race or the Bataan Death March, but inspired by her Team RWB teammate that’s exactly what she did. Maggie genuinely loves everyone she encounters on the team and will go out of her way to make sure they feel special. She lives and breathes Team RWB’s mission and Eagle Ethos every day while remaining authentic to herself and her values.