Mission Impact

In 2017, the Eagle Research and Innovation Center (ERIC) transformed its research capabilities from an internal research program into a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services compliant research agency with Federalwide Assurance.

With this advancement, Team Red, White & Blue has the means to lead with unique tools developed by veteran thought leaders in collaboration with social scientists to drive innovative thinking and evidence driven approaches to positively impact the lives of America’s veterans.

In collaboration with the Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University, and with the participation of thousands of Team RWB members, Team RWB developed and validated two psychometric instruments:

  • The Enriched Life Scale (ELS): The ELS measures veterans’, servicemembers’, and civilians’ “enrichment” (Health + People+ Purpose).
  • Eagle Way Assessment (EWA): The EWA assessment measures Eagle Leaders empathy, authenticity, genuineness, loyalty, and effectiveness as a leader.

2017 Snapshots of Insights

These new tools, paired with technology advancements across the organization, will enable Team RWB to implement best in class programming through research-informed decisions. The continued evolution of ERIC will give us greater capacity to demonstrate our impact to stakeholders, target members for enrichment needs assessments, and engage in continuous improvement to deliver the most efficient and effective enrichment programming and services to America’s veterans.

When asked “How enriched (i.e., filled with health, genuine relationships, and sense of individual and shared purpose) would you say your life is?” members scored in the following ways on their overall enrichment.

Member Spotlight – Ira Brownridge Jr.

Ann Arbor Chapter

Ira Brownridge Jr. served for nine years on Active Duty and in the National Guard, which included deployments to both Bosnia (1997) and Iraq (2006–2007). He medically retired from the Army in 2008. Ira started with Team RWB Ann Arbor in 2010 but really became active with the group in 2012 when he started to use running to help cope with challenges stemming from post traumatic stress. In 2017, Ira took on the role of Ann Arbor Chapter Captain determined to support and lead veterans in his community. Outside of Team RWB, Ira continues to serve veterans by being a commissioner with the Washtenaw Veterans Affairs Committee. “I am no longer a stranger to where I live. Being a stranger in my community isolated me from the people I now call Eagle Family. Boom!”