National Events

Veterans tell us in no uncertain terms: what they miss most about active duty is brotherhood, connection, closeness, living in the moment. Feeling part of something bigger than themselves. Being a member of an unbreakable team. That’s part of the reason we host our National Events. Through our National Events, we help veterans and supporters from around the world take on physical challenges knowing that a global movement is behind them.  Each time we strive, we grow a little more. And when we do it with others, we grow a little closer, no matter our location.

Our National Events brought more than 15,000 veterans, community members and supporters together to witness the power of Team Red, White & Blue while funding our mission with almost $2 million.  The #EagleFire felt around the world with each National Event deepens the bonds created every day with our local events.

Run As One

Team Red, White & Blue, Team Rubicon and The Mission Continues partnered to bring the 7th annual Run As One to communities across the nation on April 7, 2018. We ran together to honor Clay Hunt, a veteran who took his own life after battling PTSD and depression. When Clay passed, we realized we needed to forge a stronger community – both with veterans and civilians. Together, with our partner organizations and communities, we showcased the power of relationships and physical activity in building healthier veterans and stronger communities.








Eagle Charge

On July 4th, Team RWB and presenting sponsor Walmart celebrated our nation’s veterans with the Eagle Charge. Participants ran, rucked, rode and walked 7 or 4 miles to support those who defended our nation’s freedom.










Old Glory Relay presented by Microsoft

The 5th Annual Old Glory Relay (OGR), presented by Microsoft, left Fenway Park in Boston, MA on September 11  and traveled to the USS MIDWAY in San Diego on November 11. The relay saw 62 teams carry a single American flag 4,506 miles across the country.

The Old Glory Relay epitomizes what Team RWB is all about – helping America’s veterans find lasting fulfillment through the creation of deep bonds with other veterans and civilian supporters.

“For me, it’s special, carrying the United States flag. It feels like a lot of weight and sacrifice that others have carried for that flag. With everything that’s happening right now in the country, it’s good to see people celebrate the military and come together and come out and cheer us on.” – Rafael Najera


WOD for Warriors

WOD for Warriors is our functional fitness event held annually on Veterans Day. On the 11th month, 11th day and 11th hour we gathered in gyms and boxes across the country to honor America’s veterans for their love of country, and willingness to serve and sacrifice for the common good. With countless reps and weights lifted, we pushed ourselves harder than we have in a long time and found the kind of joy that comes from doing something hard in the company of others.







Marine Corps Marathon

Team Red, White & Blue was honored to again be a Charity Partner for the Marine Corps Marathon. The Marine Corps Marathon (MCM) showcases physical fitness and generates community goodwill while promoting the high standards and discipline of the Marine Corps. The MCM is the largest marathon in the world that does not offer prize money to its top finishers, earning its nickname, “The People’s Marathon”. The event is a celebration of every finisher’s honor, courage and commitment to training for, and completing, the Marine Corps Marathon.  Team RWB MCM participants made their miles matter by running to raise funds for our mission. With their support, we can serve more veterans and their families.

“It has been extremely rewarding to give back to those who have served us.” – Joe Pusz