Chapter and Community Program (CCP)

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Chapter and Community Program (CCP)

  • Our chapters deliver local, consistent, and inclusive opportunities for veterans to connect through physical and social activity. Members (aka Eagles) engage through a variety of fitness activities, social gatherings, and community service events. Our research shows a direct correlation between engagement and enrichment.
  • In 2018, we implemented new data systems, which allowed us to better understand how our members engage with Team RWB – this is critical for us to ensure our programs are working.  This also gave us the technical capability to measure veteran engagement in a more holistic way, a great step forward for us.
  • In 2018, we moved away from our longstanding metric, the Unique Veteran Engagement (UVI) to a Veteran Engagement Dashboard, which measures 6 different components.





Member Spotlight: Dean Chambers

Chapter Captain, Salem, Oregon

Dean served four years in the United States Air Force as an electronics technician. In 2016, after a visit to a doctor for a routine exam, Dean learned that he was pre-diabetic. Three years and sixty pounds later, Dean has completed three full marathons, and in 2018 he logged just over 1300 running miles, largely because of the support and enrichment he found with Team RWB.  Dean joined the team in February of 2017, and quickly moved into the role of Chapter Captain. Team RWB brings to him the sense of purpose, camaraderie, and belonging to something bigger than himself that he had not realized he missed from military life. He always says, “You see that red eagle shirt, and you have an instant friend. No hesitation, no barriers, no wariness. It’s like you’ve known each other your entire lives.”

Eagle Leadership Development Program

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Eagle Leadership Development Program (ELDP)

The Eagle Leadership Development Program (ELDP) is a sequential, 36-month curriculum designed to invest in our Eagle Leaders through education, mentorship, movement, and elevation to build empathetic, authentic, genuine, loyal, and effective chapters to enrich veterans’ lives.

Eagle Leadership is all about building genuine relationships. Eagle Leaders are empathetic, authentic, and loyal leaders that build genuine relationships to effectively carry out Team RWB’s mission of enriching veterans’ lives.

Eagle Leaders are:

      • Empathetic to veterans, teammates, and people.
      • Authentic to themselves (Know yourself).
      • Genuine to others (Understand others).
      • Loyal and committed to their communities.
      • Effective in carrying out the mission under the Eagle Ethos

The Eagle Way is Team RWB’s cutting edge approach to facilitating leadership development by way of whole-brain integration, through the interconnection of education, movement, genuine relationships (outer integration), and elevation.

      • Education (Logic): E-learning, Classroom, Readings, Videos, Podcasts
      • Movement (Coordination): Yoga, Running, Rucking, Functional Fitness
      • Genuine Relationships (Social/Outer integration): Mentorship, Socials, Meals, Events, White Space
      • Elevation (Emotions & Self-Reflection): Sharing Stories, Authenticity, Vulnerability, Empathy, Laughing, Crying, Inspiration & Motivation


Member Spotlight: Jason Smith

Regional Cycling Coordinator, Northeast Region

Jason works hard for his region by challenging the status quo of the veteran – civilian divide through cycling. He has completed all three levels of the Eagle Leader Development Program and practices the Eagle Way daily. As Regional Cycling Coordinator, he helps focus the efforts of chapter-level cycling coordinators through monthly meetings, best practice sharing, and planning regional cycling initiatives. Jason joined in August 2014, and from nearly day one, Jason volunteered to lead; initially hosting weekday evening runs in a satellite location from his Danbury based chapter. Six months later, Jason was asked to start up a chapter in Hartford, CT. He served as the Chapter Captain in Hartford for nearly two years. After relocating, Jason stepped down as Chapter Captain and assumed his current role for the region. Jason is happiest when out riding his bike with other #Eagles and spreading both a love of cycling and a ton #EagleFire.