Roderick Gabriel, Team RWB San Diego, Eagle Leader, U.S. Army Veteran

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Roderick Gabriel is an Army veteran and Eagle Leader with an incredibly inspiring story.  His journey is one of contrasts…battling addictions and battling stereotypes, serving his country and serving jail time.  Rod has seen and been through a lot in short period of time. Yet what shines through brightest is his candor, perspective, and continued desire to serve others.  In Team RWB, he’s found the supportive tribe that he enjoyed while in the Army…and he continues to defy labels while owning his journey and inspiring others.

In this episode we discuss:

• Perspective

• The value of a tribe/team

• Making mistakes and moving forward

• How one person or one organization (Veterans Village of San Diego) can make a huge difference in someone’s life

• The role of the process…and the value of taking ownership and not taking the easy route



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