Run As One! with JJ Pinter (Team RWB), Jake Wood (Team Rubicon) and Spencer Kympton (The Mission Continues)

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Run as One began in 2012 as an attempt to bring previously hostile tribes in South Sudan together for healthy competition off the battlefield and has grown into a collaborative national event, bringing thousands of veterans together with their communities at close to 200 locations around the country each year.

Join us this year on April 7th, at:

In this episode we discuss:

• The history of Run As One and Clay Hunt

• What Run as One looks like on the ground, and why it’s important

• How many talk about collaboration between organizations, but that you don’t see it as often in practice.  Run as One is a real example, that people can get involved with!

• Why you should get involved! (plus, you get an awesome t-shirt)

Register for this year’s event here!!


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