Saturday Spotlight – Anastasia Card

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Chapter: Mid Atlantic/Fredericksburg, BA

Member Since: 2016

Motto: “If you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine!”

Why Did You Join Team RWB?

“Like so many others, I first noticed the sea of red shirts at many local races and thought wow, they must belong to a really cool running club. I started asking around and someone pointed me to the website. I didn’t realize that there was a mission involved and what the organization stood for. I will be honest, I took a step back. My first thought was that this was a group for military veterans. I am a civilian, I surely don’t belong. It wasn’t until a friend told me that she was a member and that you didn’t have to be a veteran to join. I signed up and jumped right in attending an athletic event where I was met with hand shakes and a warm welcome. I joined Team RWB because I wanted to run in that cool red shirt. I could never have imagined it would impact my life as much as it has. It’s not about running anymore, it’s about giving to others in a very special way through volunteering and make a difference.”

What has Been Your Favorite Event or Experience with Team RWB?

“I recently attended Eagle Adventure Camp in Charlotte, NC. The amount of growth I experienced as a person and a leader was immeasurable. This experience allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and attempt things I believed I could never do like jumping off a 100ft ledge and know that I would be OK. The encouragement I got from my teammates when I needed it the most and the “it’s OK” if you don’t want to do this when I just couldn’t. We bonded quickly and worked as a team. I will cherish this experience for as long as I live. I thank Team RWB for giving me the opportunity to attend. I am forever grateful.”

How do you serve your community?

“I am the Athletic Director for the chapter and I also lead a weekly functional fitness and run/walk event for my chapter. I serve my community through my weekly events. It gives me such joy when others tell me how much they enjoyed the event, even if they were grunting under their breath for those last 5 burpees or because they think they couldn’t get up that hill at Embry Mill. This is that pivotal moment when they believe they are strong enough and they can accomplish anything if they set forth and don’t give up… and me right next to them saying “almost there”, “almost done”, and then it’s nothing but high fives and fist bumps! It is a wonderful feeling to know that you have impacted people in such a positive way.”

What Inspires You?

“I am inspired by people who would rather put the spotlight on others instead of themselves. They allow others to shine and take a backseat. They lift others up and showcase their efforts. People who are genuine inspire me. When someone greets you with a smile, a handshake or a hug, it can make your gloomy day suddenly filled with sunshine which can spread like wild fire. This is why I love Team RWB so much. I love my Eagle family near and far.”

How Has Team RWB Impacted Your Life?

“Team RWB has helped me achieve a sense of purpose. I have always wanted to serve my community but didn’t know how to go about it. It has also been a great support system for our family. Soon after I joined the chapter my son enlisted in the Army. Some of the veterans in our chapter offered to help my son prepare for the physical riggers of BCT. They followed his journey through BCT, AIT and on to his FDS always supporting him in the best way possible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

What Would You Say to Someone Who is Thinking of Joining Team RWB?

“Team RWB is an amazing organization. It doesn’t cost anything to join and the hardest part is just showing up. I guarantee that if you make it to just one event, whether it is an athletic or social event, you will be glad you did. We strive to enrich the lives of our veterans by bringing them together with civilians in the community. “