Saturday Spotlight – Debbie Hendrix

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Chapter: Atlanta/Southeast previously Fort Bragg/Mid-Atlantic

Member Since: 2013

Motto: “All The Woulda-Coulda-Shouldas Layin’ In The Sun, Talkin’ ‘Bout The Things They Woulda-Coulda-Shoulda Done… But All Those Woulda-Coulda-Shouldas All Ran Away And Hid From One Little Did.” -Shel Silverstein

Why Did You Join Team RWB?

“During my husband’s 20 years in the Army, I was constantly volunteering and advocating for Army Families and at one point my husband started asking me, “What are you going to do when I retire?” I didn’t know, I had never thought about life after retirement but it was a question that I had started to think about more and more and I began to look more into veterans issues. One of the places I learned about was Team RWB and while my husband was stationed at Fort Bliss I followed them on social media since we did not have an active local chapter. It was after our move back to Fort Bragg and seeing the Eagle everywhere I went from the grocery store to a Gary Sinise concert that I joined with my husband in mind. I later learned how much I needed Team RWB in my life as much as my veteran.”

What has Been Your Favorite Event or Experience with Team RWB?

“For the last 3 years, I have played a big part of the All American Marathon Events at Fort Bragg. The pasta dinner is a ton of work but it is honestly a labor of love. I love that we have been able to bring together Eagles from all over the place for the dinner and the camaraderie and #EagleFire that the entire marathon weekend brings.”

How do you serve your community?

“For the last nearly four years, I volunteered as Community Outreach Director and later Communications Director for Team RWB Fort Bragg. While in this position, in addition to working for AAFMAA as their SpouseLink Brand Ambassador for Fort Bragg, I had been able to reach out and connect with many organizations and companies in the Fayetteville, Fort Bragg area and bloom where I was planted. Over the years I have hosted and participated in a large variety of events at Fort Bragg. As my family transitions to the North Atlanta area in the coming months I hope to continue finding ways to support my new community.”

What Inspires You?

“People doing good things and making their community a better place. Your actions no matter how big or small matter to someone and can have a positive impact on someone else. From doing a random act of kindness to hosting an event to bring people together, that one thing you do can have a ripple down effect that starts even greater things in the future.”

How Has Team RWB Impacted Your Life?

“When I joined in 2013, I would have never guessed how much of an impact that Team RWB would have on my life. I honestly cannot begin to list all of the ways. From all of the friends and connections I have made over the years to learning how to be a better leader, Team RWB has been there and helped make me a better person.”

What Would You Say to Someone Who is Thinking of Joining Team RWB?

“Team RWB is a great organization full of good people! Go to a meet up or two or three, not all meet ups are the same and no, we don’t just run. Take the time and check out Team RWB and meet and talk to some of the members for yourself. I know it can be nerve wracking to try something new, but give us a chance. Most of us don’t bite.”

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