Saturday Spotlight: Jessica Strange

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Chapter: Team RWB Honolulu

Member Since: July 2016

Motto: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me Phil 4:13. Sometimes that strength is manifested through encouragement and tough love.”

Why Did You Join Team RWB?

“We moved to Hawaii recently and I didn’t know a soul, as a result, for several weeks (which felt like an eternity) the only person I spoke to was my husband. In an effort to get out of the house, on a random Wednesday, I went for a run around the neighborhood. I had been procrastinating that morning and thought it might be too hot but decided to go anyways. Well, sometimes things happen for a reason! I kept seeing these women with red shirts running in small groups; I was very curious. After my run I drove to the community center to explore my neighborhood and to my surprise, those women were there. I asked if they were a running club; they told me about Team RWB and invited me to participate in the weekly event. I was moved by their willingness to include me in the group; when I learned about Team RWB and saw them reflecting the Eagle’s Ethos, I knew this was an organization I wanted to be a part of. The people I have met along the way are passionate, positive, committed, and promote community & camaraderie!!”

What has Been Your Favorite Event or Experience with Team RWB?

“This is a tough one since so many great things are happening with Team RWB but I would have to say my favorite experience was being encouraged to do more and try new things. Things that I was too intimidated in the past to participate in. I have been a runner most of my life, I am very comfortable with 5ks and have always kicked around the idea of running a marathon but chickened out every time because the training seemed too intense. Because of the support from our eagles, I signed up for a series of long run readiness races. Between those and the weekly running events hosted by RWB, I have been able to up my miles. I recently ran a half and am scheduled to run the Honolulu Marathon on December 11th. I could not have done this without the encouragement and tough love of these amazing people around me. “


How Do You Serve Your Community?

“I have participated in several community service events including preparing and serving meals at the Fisher House, street clean ups, cleaning aircrafts at the Pacific Aviation Museum, Girls on the Run, and coordinating after school events for 4th and 5th graders. Currently, I am Team RWB’s Adopt-A-Highway coordinator for Community Outreach.

What Inspires You?

“I am inspired when I see someone accomplish a goal they have been working towards. It’s great when things come easily but in my experience, when you pour blood, sweat, and tears into overcoming obstacles and smashing goals, it tends to be a sweet, sweet victory. How can you not get hyped after seeing that?”

How Has Team RWB Impacted Your Life?

“Team RWB has made me a more well rounded person, it has added a depth to my life in the form of friendships and a sense of accomplishment through physical activity and community service. When you move so often, it can be difficult to establish roots, it can take forever to form meaningful friendships– living the military life style, you don’t have that kind of time. Team RWB has put people in my life with similar interests and experiences. Shortly after moving to Hawaii, my husband went TDY back to the mainland for a month. I was nervous about being alone and so far away from my family turns out, I was able to keep busy with Team RWB and many eagles reached out to make sure I was ok during this time. Maya Angelou said, “…people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Because of this amazing group of people, I feel like I’m part of a community.”

What Would You Say to Someone Who is Thinking of Joining Team RWB?

“Do it!!! There are so many events to participate in– volunteer events, socials, and physical fitness events– there’s bound to be something you enjoy and are interested in.”