Saturday Spotlight: Lacey Price

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Chapter: San Diego, CA

Member Since:  2016

Why Starbucks?  “I have been working in retail for 12 years and every morning since 2010, I have been going to Starbucks to get my coffee and a warm “Good Morning.” I decided to join Starbucks as a partner 4 years ago after I had realized that the best part of my everyday was when I went into my local store and felt like I had just walked in my front door at home and was greeted by my “family.” Starbucks has created the opportunity for me to meet the most amazing people and engage with customers and our community on an incredibly personal level.”

Favorite Moment?

“My favorite event that I have participated in has been the Old Glory Relay this past October. I have a Military Family Store in my market and we were a stop on the Old Glory Relay route, so we provided coffee and pastries to the runners and families supporting Team Red, White and Blue. While we were there, I was talking to a few of the Team RWB members and they said to me, “why don’t you join us on our next leg?” They gave me a breakdown of the route and after we were done serving coffee, I went home and put on my running shoes and drove down to meet them for a six mile stretch along the San Diego coast. It was such an empowering and beautiful moment in time, running among the Veterans, spouses and advocates with our American Flag flying high. I have never felt more of a part of a team than I did running with them that day.”

Are you an Eagle? What has Been Your Favorite Event or Experience with Team RWB?

“I started my engagement with Team Red, White and Blue in 2016 when I started running. I have never previously been a runner and I was so inspired when connecting with Team Red White and Blue at my first running event at Disneyland. I was standing in the pool of over 10,000 people and was next to the Team RWB group; the camaraderie, passion, and encouragement that they had for each other and those around them was beyond encouraging! That is when I started asking what I can do to support within Starbucks and participate in additional running events that Team RWB was registered with.”

What Inspires You?

“I am inspired by continuing to stay humble and grow into the best version of myself and being surrounded by positive, motivational people that strive for growth.”

What would you say to someone who wants to know more about your role or how to get involved?

“I would let someone that wants to get involved know that the way to start is to start by looking on the Team RWB webpage, Instagram, or Facebook and attend an event as either a participant or spectator and you will feel the magic of being engaged with Team RWB.”