Saturday Spotlight – Mila Dimal

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Chapter: Northwest Region/ Colorado Springs, CO

Member Since: January 2017

Motto: “Carpé Diem”

Why Did You Join Team RWB?

“I initially joined Team RWB for the physical aspect of the organization. As I got more involved in the Chapter’s weekly athletic events, I knew this is where I definitely belonged… my newfound home. I loved the members’ passion, eagerness, enthusiasm, and willingness in sharing their life’s experiences and stories. They truly embody Team RWB’s Ethos: Commitment, Camaraderie, Community, Passion, People, and Positivity. And best of all, I REALLY love the COOL Red Eagle shirts!”

What has Been Your Favorite Event or Experience with Team RWB?

“Since becoming a member, the most memorable/favorite experience thus far (and looking forward to more) was when I volunteered to help deliver food for the less fortunate during Operation Turkey Drop on Thanksgiving Day, 2017. The overflowing compassion and determination from everyone who took the time out of their busy schedule to deliver as many meals as possible in the short amount of time allotted to help others in need was truly a humbling experience.”

How do you serve your community?

“I serve my community through volunteer services, actively participating in organized events, setting up Team RWB booths, and talking about our organization. I reach out to our members and check on them to see how they are doing. I make myself available to our Eagle members whenever called upon.”

What Inspires You?

“I am inspired by the Eagles that surround me. They are truly amazing, each one unique in their own ways. Team RWB, its members, and what the organization does for the veterans and our communities nationwide continue to inspire me. I look forward to attending weekly events just so I can engage with my fellow Eagles.”

How Has Team RWB Impacted Your Life?

“I feel so much healthier, happier, and look forward to waking up in the morning with a sense of purpose. Team RWB has brought out the type of leader I came to become (which I didn’t think I had in me). I now have more confidence in myself, I am able to lead others by example so that they too can become successful leaders.”

What Would You Say to Someone Who is Thinking of Joining Team RWB?

“We are a non-profit organization who love to enrich people’s lives through physical and social activities. It’s not about how fast you can run or how heavy you can lift. It’s all about the camaraderie, meeting new people, making lifelong friends, and having fun.”

To learn more about Mila and her fellow Women Veteran Athletes, head to our latest blog post here.

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