Saturday Spotlight – Patrick Griffith

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Chapter: Southeast Region / Atlanta, GA

Member Since: 2015

Motto: “You get one shot at this life, make sure you’re doing what you love.”

Why Did You Join Team RWB?

“For the job! Totally, kidding. But, it helps getting paid to do what you love! I joined Team RWB at a time in my life where I needed everything we stand for. I had just transitioned out of the Army. I was in a job that wasn’t providing me purpose. And my wife and I were in an area where we didn’t have the stability of family or friends. I was lacking in just about every category in our Eagle Ethos and I need a shot of Purpose and People to keep me going and I found it pretty quick! My journey at Team RWB has been a continuous “filling of the cup,” if you will. I am surrounded by amazing people, I can see the positive impact they are making in their communities, and this continually refuels my batteries to go out and be the best that I can be. Nothing makes me happier than to sit down with our Eagles, share a story and a beer, and hear about all the #EagleFire that is happening in their lives.”

What has Been Your Favorite Event or Experience with Team RWB?

“The SE Epic Road Trips! You want to talk about an Experience?! Try jumping in the smallest rental car possible, driving thousands of miles in a finite amount of time, crushing coffee, and jamming out to every genre of music imaginable with your buddy, and Southeast Program Manager, Eric Engelhardt…all while on the way to visit Eagles in their hometowns all across the Southeast Region! Yeah, these have been my favorite experiences at Team RWB! You can’t put a price on meeting Eagles face-to-face, working up a sweat with a good workout, and then sharing stories over local cuisine (if you’re ever in Lafayette, LA, try the Boudin–and if you’re going “full local” eat it with the casing on) and a good beer at a corner bar. I’m looking forward to logging many more miles, conversations, and workouts with Eagles in the years to come.”

How do you serve your community?

“The easy answer is as the Development Project Manager at Team RWB. But, I like to look at it as so much more than that and so much more than just my community. I feel as if I’m serving multiple communities all across the Nation by serving all the Eagles and Eagle Leaders who are out there pushing the ball down the court in a positive direction in their own communities. The most rewarding aspect of my job is seeing what our Eagles are doing in their hometowns. From Cross-fit workouts, to rucks, bowling, runs, coffee socials, and ballgames, Eagles and Eagles Leaders are out there positively impacting their communities and Enriching Veterans Lives and it makes me happy to know that I can be a part of that process!”

What Inspires You?

“First and foremost, my family and friends. Followed closely by music. I have been fortunate enough to surround myself with people who continually serve their communities, strive to become better versions of themselves, and push the envelope of adventure and life-experiences to the fullest. I know people who have spent their lives as nurses, firefighters, police officers, and served their country in the military, people who have climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, sailed the open ocean, conquered the Appalachian Trail, walked across the state of Georgia to raise awareness for their family and friends, who have coached Pee Wee and High School football, who have gone back to school to finish what will become the first college degree in their family, who have shared a cup of coffee with someone in need, who go the extra miles to be kind to all, and who encompass, in the most simple terms, what it means to be a badass. And if that all isn’t enough to get you moving, I have a steadily growing vinyl collection. If it’s worth listening to, it’s worth listening to on vinyl. Currently playing in the background, Jim James – Eternally Even.”

How has Team RWB impacted your life?

“I’m sure you can get a pretty good sense of what Team RWB has done for me in the responses above, but simply put…it’s been a game changer. Team RWB has had such a positive impact in my life, that I try to spread the #EagleFire wherever I may be. The Eagles I have met, the friends I have made, and the experiences I have had are truly cherished. To say that I am fueled with Positivity, Purpose, and Camaraderie would be an understatement; my cup runneth over!”

What Would You Say to Someone Who is Thinking of Joining Team RWB?

“Make the first move and JOIN! One of the biggest hurdles in life is taking that initial step. You will not be disappointed. Find an event you are comfortable with, throw on your red shirt, and go make some friends. You may even get introduced to some crazy things that you would have never thought you would ever do. (For instance, rucking 50 miles in 20 hours!) The Eagles are out there and being part of this community will have a positive impact of your life. Take the first step. We’ll see you out there!”