Saturday Spotlight: Willie “Will” Wright

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Chapter: Team RWB Minot, N.D.

Member Since: October 2014

Motto: “Plan to execute, then execute your plan.” -CCMSgt (ret) Geoff Wiemer

Why Did You Join Team RWB?

“I joined because I have always had a calling to do more. I didn’t know what that calling was but after a 2013 deployment, I new I was destined for more. I found myself in a local run group. I noticed the shirt and inquired. Late that evening, I received more information about Team RWB and I instantly joined.”

What has Been Your Favorite Event or Experience with Team RWB?

“Local chaptered events are exciting for me. Why? It’s the curiosity in the eyes of the person who is showing up for the first time. It’s the commitment of those returning back for another challenge. It’s the events where I met someone and I explain the ease of being an Eagle and the priceless benefit of learning about someone who you met 15 minutes prior. That connection is meaningful and genuine… something that is much needed in society today.”

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How Do You Serve Your Community?

“I’m the Social Director. I’ve severed in this position for almost 2 years and it’s great. I get to engage businesses and let them know how they can invest in the betterment of their community. For me, it’s a fundamental concept to take pride in where you are. I’m an ‘Army Brat’, so I grow where I’m planted. From restaurants, local churches, to indoor parks and coffee shops, establishing rapport with many business owners has increased the localized support to assist Veterans and Active Military.

What Inspires You?

“First, my family. I want them to see me living out what I preach. Second, doing what’s right even when it looks ugly. In many ways, it’s easy/attractive to do what the majority is doing. When you do what is right, you maintain your moral compass, and show others how accomplishing the hard right has a greater impact than siding with the easy wrong. A quality that is greatly desired and often imitated.”


How Has Team RWB Impacted Your Life?

“Being a Social Director, you are exactly that, social. The opportunity has provided me the ability to travel a road that forces me into my arena each and every time I “Wear the Eagle”. At the Northwest Leadership Camp April 2016, I met such phenomenal leaders, who were on fire to share their experience and compassion to better their local communities. I was on a cloud for weeks just by mere thoughts of the time spent there. My attitude has matured greatly, to where I fully grasped what it means to truly work together, build lasting relationships, and enjoy every minute of it.”

What Would You Say to Someone Who is Thinking of Joining Team RWB?

“You WANT to be involved…why? Because your determination to be better is motivation which is helping someone else and you know it will make them be better. #EagleFire #EagleStrong”