Spring/Summer ZP Challenge

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Diane Porter

$5k winner

San Diego, CA

Team RWB Chapter founder in San Diego. 20 year Navy veteran and mother of two children.  She is a school administrator on the Naval base.

“I can’t believe this! I never thought I would win anything. The most important part of this is I feel like I have my family back. We still take 30 minutes a day to have one on one family time. It is so important.”

Casey McCabe

$1k winner

Silver Spring, MD

With the support of her family, her Team RWB community and ZP Casey has rebuilt a life for her and her child.

“ZP is about self-pacing. You start with small steps then build to bigger ones. You will accomplish things you never thought you could.”

Daniel Moreland

$1k winner

Jacksonville, FL

Decided to get back into shape. He signed up to do the Virginia Beach half marathon then he took on the ZP Challenge.

“Winning this is totally unexpected. I have already won my health and my life back. ZP is simple and for everybody.”

Andrew Rowe

$1k winner

Summerville, GA

Was in the Army Reserves for 8 years. Was in Afghanistan in 2003. He started his ZP Challenge with swimming then moved on to running. He has now lost 75 pounds.

“ZP has been a motivation for me to take a positive step each day. It’s helped me move forward in all aspects of my life.”

Thomas Zyliak

$1k winner

Manchester, NH

He works for both his local VA and Team RWB chapter. Former Air Force serviceman. He totally changed his eating habits with ZP. No more fried foods or soda.

“I am most pored of changing my health. Spending time with my family is #1 on my list. Now that I feel better, I am better bale to be there for them.”

Keeley Speck

$1k winner

Shreveport, LA

She is in her 3rd year serving in the Air Force.  Used ZP to get her and her husband to be more active together.

“We started being more active. Our small successes with ZP helped move us forward individually and together. It made it easy and fun to track your goals.”

Tiffany Ingersoll

$1k winner

Shelton, WA

He is new to the Air Force. They had recently moved from Guam. Used ZP to help track their fitness, better eating and finances.

“I used the ZP app to help me stay motivated. There are so many storied of folks doing better. It keeps you going every day.”

Willie Wright

$1k winner

Minot, ND

He is in the Air Force. He used the ZP app to help him check in with his family members on a regular basis and stay mindful about h his spending.

“ZP helps remind me of the important things in my life, family, my health, and money. It makes it easier to be focused.”

Taylor Corona

$1k winner

Fort Stewart, GA

Trains for 5ks and takes her baby with her in the stroller. She used ZP to help her focus on better eating and consistent training.

“With ZP I became an overall happier person. I didn’t expect that. The ZP Challenge has opened me up to be more social and active. It’s great.”

Tammy McGee

$1k winner

Alpha, NJ

She has been with Team RWB Social Leadership team for 1 year. Her husband is a 21-year veteran with the National Guard.

“I am most proud of my family and what we have accomplished. We spend more family time together. We are much happier than before.”

Creighton Burrell

$1k winner

Peoria, IL

He works for the Salvation Army. He used ZP to set some goals and stay motivated.

“It can be hard to make a change on your own. It was simple with ZP. Start where you are. Go at your own pace. You can do it.”