Team Goldman Sachs Takes on the Spartan Race

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Last Saturday Team Red, White & Blue member Matt Caldwell and his team of 15 members from Goldman Sachs took on the Spartan Race in Tuxedo New York, and they came in first overall in the team competition! Together the team took on the roughly 4 mile course that traversed up and down a ski slope with 20 obstacles along the way.  In true TRWB fashion, the group stuck it out as a team overcoming wall climbs, muddy low crawls, sandbag carries and numerous other challenges.  Overall the event was a huge success and nothing short of impressive and inspirational as they secured a first place finish out of 376 registered teams.

Perhaps what is even more exciting is the support that Goldman Sachs is providing for the mission of Team Red, White & Blue.  The organization is a front runner in the corporate world for understanding the strengths that wounded veterans bring to the modern business world. Wounded veterans have an uncanny ability to persevere in the face of what many of us would call insurmountable adversity.  Yet, they overcome this adversity with such fortitude, discipline and humility that the rest of us can’t help but be inspired by their strength of character.

Through relationships with corporations such as Goldman Sachs, Team Red, White & Blue can reinforce the importance of taking care of our wounded veterans and their families upon exiting the service.  It’s Our Turn to welcome these service members back in the community not just because it is the right thing to do, and not just because it is a simple way to show our appreciation for their sacrifices, but because it is these same veterans who help solidify the strength of selfless service within our communities.  Their proven ability to flourish in ambiguous situations and to execute with an infallible sense of discipline is invaluable in the modern business climate.

In combat, there is a strong bond between your buddies on your left and right.  There is an unspoken trust that you have their back just as they have your back in any situation.  It is time to bring this same sense of trust in teamwork to our communities.  That is why at Team Red, White & Blue we believe it is our turn to step up and assist our Wounded Veterans as they face the challenges of reintegrating into society.  And with the help of organizations such as Goldman Sachs we have the resources and support to ensure these individuals flourish in their new endeavors in the civilian world.

It’s Our Turn!